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CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Matter healthtech incubator officially opens to crowd of more than 150

In early 2015, the American Medical Assocation and Matter launched MATTER, a healthcare technology incubator improving how physicians and patients interact. The collaboration space is located within Merchandise Mart sharing a floor with 1871, Chicago's largest tech incubator.

The official opening of the Matter healthtech incubator drew a crowd — and a group of speakers so large that Mayor Rahm Emanuel joked he was being pushed offstage.

More than 150 people attended Friday’s event, and speakers included Emanuel, Gov. Bruce Rauner, Sen. Dick Durbin and healthcare-industry leaders such as Marathon Pharmaceuticals’ Jeff Aronin and Horizon Pharma’s Timothy Walbert. American Medical Association CEO James Madara also spoke.

“We can be the capital, the heart of America for healthcare innovation, medical devices, medical technology, healthcare services,” Rauner said. “We can be the leader in America.”

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