Recycled Energy Development

Recycled Energy Development (RED) develops, owns, and operates power projects that harness waste energy and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power costs.


With more than 30 years’ experience undertaking environmentally responsible energy development projects, RED’s team works closely with industrial companies to optimize energy efficiency and maximize profits.



The heat produced by industrial and manufacturing processes is a precious resource that is often just thrown away. Meanwhile, America’s electric grid has been stuck at the same level of efficiency for half a century. RED is a pioneer in recycling waste heat to produce electricity. The process of combined heat and power (CHP, or cogeneration) lowers energy costs while reducing air pollution and increasing efficiency. It is an overlooked technology with a huge potential for economic and environmental benefits.

With our deep understanding of energy policy, public affairs and public relations, RED hired Aileron Communications to elevate the policy and environmental issues of recycled energy in national press and position RED as an industry leader. To accomplish this, we:


  • Developed a comprehensive messaging and communications strategy that helped RED tell its story to press, politicians and business and industry partners.

  • Created videos and presentations to explain the mechanics and benefits of RED’s approach to cogeneration for diverse audiences, including corporations, media and communities.

  • Built RED’s relationships with national media and policymakers to enhance issue visibility and move the dialogue forward on recycled energy and cogeneration.

  • Secured high-profile media across print, broadcast and trade and provided media training for RED executives.



RED has been recognized as a global leader in waste energy recovery and combined heat and power. Other accomplishments include:


  • High-profile placements in FOX News, MSNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes Magazine, The Atlantic, The New Republic, National Geographic, and several other major media outlets.

  • Corporate environmental and energy awards from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), GoingGreen, and The Aspen Institute.

  • A Platts Lifetime Achievement Award honoring RED chairman Tom Casten and additional leadership awards from the U.S. Clean Heat and Power Association, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

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