ACCIONA is a global leader in renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services that is committed to sustainability and innovation. ACCIONA Energy North America operates a portfolio of wind and solar power plants across the US and Canada totaling more than 1,000 megawatts.

Aileron began its engagement with ACCIONA Energy USA Global at a time when the company and the renewable energy industry as a whole were undergoing major changes. ACCIONA was introducing improvements in its proprietary wind turbine technology that were driving strong global sales, launching new service offerings, and adjusting to shifts in energy policy and regulations both in the US and Spain, where ACCIONA is headquartered.


ACCIONA relied on Aileron to deliver a compelling message to the industry that highlighted the company’s global success and established its strong position in an evolving industry. Aileron supports ACCIONA's work to develop new renewable energy projects and promote sustainability and innovation around the world. 



ACCIONA Energy is a major player in renewable energy with a relatively low profile in the US and Canada. Aileron strengthened the company’s reputation in North America by helping it navigate change and executing a comprehensive communications plan.

  • Refined ACCIONA’s messaging for the North American market and developed a new campaign to highlight the company's renewed commitment to invest in North America.

  • Developed new print and online ads and revised product website and exhibits for US and European trade events. 

  • Developed press announcements about new sales and project milestones and helped secure executive interviews and positive media coverage.  

  • Placed bylined articles from ACCIONA leadership in leading trade publications 

  • Relaunched the company’s corporate website and managed its social media channels


ACCIONA Energy strengthened its position as a global player in renewable energy and attracted new opportunities and potential projects. The company’s narrative of success and sustainability in the industry is well known and ACCIONA has forged new partnerships with major investors and customers. 

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